Pass the curry, sayang: Food that makes us Malaysian

Nothing like nasi lemak bungkus to bring on that feeling of nostalgia.  Malaysians can be a polarising lot when it comes to socio-political issues, but food has always managed to unite us, especially when the dishes make it into those most recommended lists. We take pride in traditional recipes that are handed down through the generations as well as adopting food influences from other cultures — e...

What to do in the small town of Sekinchan, Selangor

Ever heard of a town called Sekinchan in Selangor? You can spend a day or even the entire weekend at this small town because there is so much to see and do. Known for its lush green (or gold, or brown … depending on when you visit during the year) padi fields, there are also other places of interest, as well as many options for food.  Padi ready for the harvest. Depending on what season you visit,...

10 Unusual Museums in Malaysia

Malaysia is famous for its food, places to hang out and its diversity. Who says museums are only for the people interested in reading, learning and keeping a close tab on history? What if museums were fun? Let us take you through some of the unique and unusual museums of Malaysia suitable for all age groups.   1. Ghost Museum, Penang We hear the Ghost Museum of Penang is haunted with horror movie ...


In a few days spring will arrive and Persians everywhere will be celebrating Nowruz, first day of spring, and of its beauty and pleasant weather. This is the season to be in harmony with nature and put away the old and look forward to a new beginning. This is also the time to allow the warmth of the sun to help rejuvenate our creativity and shed the layers of dormancy. Starting from the time of th...

An Emerald in Iran`s desert

Shazdeh Garden meaning Prince’s Garden is a historical Persian garden located near (6km away from) Mahan in Kerman province, Iran. Mahan is a city in and capital of Mahan District, in Kerman County, Kerman Province, Iran.

Chogha Zanbil: an Unfinished Elamite Site with a Unique Ziggurat

The ziggurat is arguably the most distinct architectural feature of the Mesopotamian civilization. Nevertheless, some of these structures have been found to exist outside the area once occupied by this ancient civilization. One of these ziggurats is located in Chogha Zanbil (meaning ‘basket mound’), near Susa in the Khuzestan province of modern day Iran.

Abyaneh: The Red Historical Village

When the Arabs invaded Persia in the 7th century, some followers of the Zoroastrian religion fled to the surrounding mountains and deserts to escape forced conversion to Islam. In a long and narrow valley in the Karkas Mountains, north of Isfahan, the Zoroastrians is believed to have founded a string of villages. Abyaneh is one of the last surviving village of the valley.