You just enjoyed a nice lunch and are now struggling to stay awake, sitting sluggishly on your work desk.


A lot of people feel sleepy after having a meal. But why do people feel this post lunch slump? Here we decode it for you, wrote.

Nutrition and fitness expert, Luke Coutinho, explained, “When you eat more than what your body require, your insulin levels spike.

“For everything you eat, your pancreas produces insulin to control blood sugar level. When you eat more, pancreas has to produce more insulin.

“With an increased secretion of insulin, there are two things that happen — your body produces sleep hormone and it travels to your brain where it gets metabolized into serotonin and melatonin. This melatonin is also a sleep hormone.


“Also when you have a high-carb meal, know that your body is using a good amount of energy to digest the heavy meal.

“When you overeat, your digestive system uses 60-75 percent of your body’s energy to digest food. Owing to this, your body diverts a lot of energy from other parts of your body to the digestive system.

“This makes you feel sleepy as the body is spending too much energy in breaking down food. And it is not only high-carb meals that make you sleepy. High protein meals have the same effect.”

How can you avoid this slump? Overeating, taking big portions and feasting on fatty meals make your body suffer.

The more quantity you consume, the more energy your body will spend in breaking it down. So don’t make it a habit. Have smaller meals throughout the day so you don’t feel the need to indulge.

However, if you are constantly feeling tired and sluggish, it’s advisable to visit a doctor.