Sam Asghari has caught the eye of superstar singer Britney Spears after the pair were spotted enjoying dinner dates together.

And it’s no wonder once you catch a glimpse of the dark haired hunk, but who exactly is this man who’s said to be romancing the Gimmie More hitmaker.


How did Sam and Britney meet?

Sam starred in Britney’s raunchy music video Slumber Party, playing the singer’s love interest.

In clips from the video, the two stare at each other over a dinner table, which Britney crawls across in a skimpy outfit and over the knee boots, before licking split milk from in front of Sam.


What exactly does Sam do?

With 164,000 followers on his Instagram page, Sam, who came to the States nine years ago from Iran, describes himself as a personal trainer.

On the social media page he’s posted a variety of modelling images and shots showing off his muscled body.

Also showing his family side, Sam is seen holding a sleeping baby in his arms.

His face will also be familiar to Fifth Harmony fans, having appeared in their Work From Home video as a workman covered in sweat.


Have they confirmed the relationship?

Just last month Sam posted a laid back snap of the couple enjoying a sushi date on his Instagram page.

But as his followers began to question whether this was the start of a blossoming relationship, he hastily deleted the picture from his account.

In the image, 34-year-old Britney is seen poking her tongue out at the photographer, while the pair match in black t-shirts.

Most recently the two stepped out in public after having a meal together at a Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles

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